Bitcoin Money and BTC Cash Out project is an open source Ai automated platform for exchange of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into products, properties, gold and silver or cash, and vice versa.

This platform generates and proposes legal, safe and secure solutions and helps you throughout the process. Once you are registered, you can use the Ai for free for life time and manage unlimited projects together with your Ai partner.

if you have properties (products, buildings, cars, gold or silver bars, or cash) the system will search and find the best possible solution to exchange that for Cryptocurrency. The average cost for the exchanges depends on the amount of the money or crypto or value you are exchanging but normally will not exceed 15% that the other party will charge. Our Ai system will not charge anything except the one-time registration fee. If both you and the party you want to exchange Crypto with use this Ai platform, the parties can agree on any exchange rate and the platform will secure the process according to their agreement.

By using our platform, all transactions will remain anonymous as there is no human access to personal data. The system therefore can not communicate with local governments and you are personally responsible for the legal limitations or possible taxes in your country.

All transactions through our platform will take time as the system will send offers to you and you will need to pick the offer that matches your needs. If you are looking for an urgent solution to cash out crypto or exchange property and cash into crypto, we have an automatic stable coin transaction option. You can ask about it through your profile contact form.

If you have a verified business or personal account, you can keep an unlimited amount of money of crypto in your account for an unlimited period of time, secured and insured.


Before you proceed to registration, make sure to read How it Works page.