Here are the list of the most common questions we have recieved from our clients. If you can not find the answer you are looking for, please use the contact link or submit a ticket in your control panel:

1. Can I use this account as a bank to save my crypto and can I buy something with it directly?

You can keep up to 20 Million Euro worth of Crypto in your account anonymousely, for as long as you want. To keep more in your saving account, you need to be verified user. We have veriety of products and real estate in many countries that you are able to buy directly using your Bitcoin wallet. Alternatively, you can find the product you need and we buy it for you from your wallet, if the seller accepts cryptocurrency.


2. I have some Bitcoins. How do I sell it?

Login to your account and click on Bitcoin Transfer. then put the amount of Bitcoin you have and leave the Bitcoin ID blank. Add your banking information (if you want the money in your bank) and submit the form. If you don't want to cash it right now, just add as much Bitcoin you want to your account, and you can use it or cash it out in any time later.


3. What if I don't need to buy anything with my Bitcoins?

You can keep your cryptocurrency in your wallet as long as you want. There will be 10% charge for long term holders deducted from your crypto at the first year. If you casah out or use your Bitcoin to buy something, that 10% will be deducted from the exchange fee or will be returned to your wallet.


4. My country's banks are not connected to Swift. What can you do to send the money?

We have many options including Western Union and other private bankings worldwide.


5. How much of the money do I lose before getting my cash?

You do not lose anything but there are costs that will be calculated and deducted from your account. It all depends on when and where and how you want to use your cryptocurrency. In most  cases, the buyers have recieved about 70% of the cash after all the expenses.