1. You register for free.

2. If you have Bitcoin for sale, you can start transfering it to us for sale. You can use the "Transfer Bitcoin" link in your control panel.

3. We start to sell your bitcoin and change it to cash. It can take time depending on how many bitcoin you have for sale. For example if you have more than 10 Bitcoins, it can take over a month to find buyer.

4. We understand that you may need to get the money in an anonymous way, so we contact you for the type of transaction you prefer. It can be a bank transfer or sending throught Western Union or other private agencies that have branches in your country.

5. Although your home country will not get any information of the money transferred to you, but as we are a Danish Registered company, we pay the legal tax to the Government. This makes us sure that all our transactions are legal. What it means to your money is the Danish Tax will be deducted from your money before we transfer it to you.

6. You login to your control panel and upload the bank details, or private money transfer agencies, together with your passport or any other Identification copy.

7. We send the money to you!

8. You can always request to buy Bitcoins as well, however our main goal is to help people sell their Bitcoins and get the cash out.