A. You register for free if you are a private person. If you want to create an account on behalf of an organization or company, or if you expect to have transactions worth over 1 million dollar, you should pay a one-time registration fee of 0.3 BTC that also upgrades your account to business account with premium support. Services for our premium users include but not limited to:

1-Finding products and real estate that can be purchased directly by your Bitcoin wallet.

2-Life-time free Business account in our platform.

3-Insurance on your account in case of cyberattack... etc.

4-Full anonymity of your company/organization or personal account.

5-Free consultation via social media.

6-Unlimited Cash deposit option in most European countries.

7-Exchange of cash with fiat cryptocurrency.

7-Exchange of cash with gold bars.

B. If you have Bitcoin for sale or deposit, you can start transferring it to us. You can use the "Transfer Bitcoin" link in your control panel.

C. We start to sell your Bitcoin and change it to cash (Or if you choose to directly purchase products or property from us, then we just send you the offer). It can take time depending on how much Bitcoin you have for sale. For example, if you have more than 10 Bitcoins, it can take some time to offer a safe and anonymous way of moving the cash to you.

D. We understand that you may need to get the money anonymously, so we will contact you about the type of transaction you prefer. It can be a bank transfer or sent through Western Union or other private agencies that have branches in your country. In some cases, we can also send the cash with an agent to hand it over to you.

E. Although your home country will not get any information of the money transferred to you, we still charge you for the service and taxes we pay for the transactions.

F. You login to your control panel and upload the bank details, or private money transfer agencies, together with your passport or any other identification copy.

G. We send the money to you!

H. You can always request to buy Bitcoin as well, however our main goal is to help people cash out their Bitcoins or use it to pay directly for the products or services they are buying.


Execute a Pre-signed Contract:

If you and your partner have already signed an agreement and want the Ai to execute the contract between you, you will have to do the followings:

A. Both of you need to create separate accounts in the system.

B. You will pay a one time fee of 0.3 btc to verify your account as Personal or business account. After that you will use the system for unlimited project for up to 10 years from the date of the registration.

C. Tell the Ai that you have a contract and want to execute it.

D. Ai will send you a link that you will be able to upload the contract as a pdf file.

E. Ai analyzes your uploaded contract and will contact both of you with the guide to the next step.

F. Your entire contract and transactions will be through the platform and based on the Ai milestone.

G. Beside the one time registration fee, Ai will not receive anything from either side of the contract.